Cooking adventures: Dumpling time

So, the global pandemic is still happening, and getting worse very day. I’m very fortunate in that I’m mostly unaffected, being a self-employed hermit with social anxiety.

However, it is all very terrifying. The threat level in South Australia is pretty low, so people are having barbeques again (it’s the middle of winter, why are Australians like this?) and I’m still not confident about going. I’m much happier staying at home with Mr Miaow.

A close up photo of Mr Miaow, a tuxedo cat with white socks. He is currently curled up on a red and black woven blanket, one paw and one eye visible. He looks adorable and murderous.

Isolation has led to some changes in our habits, however. We now shop weekly, which is probably helping with the household budget. And I get excited to try new meals and ingredients that I’ve previously found intimidating. Like pork dumplings. My goodness! I’ve been wanting to try these for ages, but Mr Moray can’t have gluten, and pre-made gluten free wrappers don’t seem to exist. I was always a bit intimidated by the prospect of making gf dumpling wrappers from scratch.

Anyway, he was out one night so I made some gluten filled wrappers, and here’s the result!

A photo of 23 filled dumplings. They are powerfully ugly and inexpertly formed, but some effort has been made to pleat the dumpling skins into crescents.

I know they’re not beautiful, but they are mine. I love that they go from frozen to sliding out of the pan in about seven minutes. Delicious!

Anyway, once I’d made those, I gave gluten-free wrappers a try. And I have to say, it wasn’t as hard as I’d expected. I’m glad I tried the gluten-free wrappers first (now I appreciate the stretchiness of the gluten) but gluten free was pretty darn amazing. No pics, because it was more important to eat dinner while it was hot than it was to get nice photos. Dumplings are an ‘eat now’ kind of food, and I am not a food blogger.

Because I can’t ever do things the easy way, I used a combination of four different recipes:

Have you ever made your own dumplings? Your own wrappers? Everyone says it’s something you should do with friends, and all I had for company was the Wolf 359 podcast, (but what would be more appropriate company than sf horror comedy?)

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