The Untamed is Pure Gorgeous

I’m really enjoying cnovels right now. I mean, really, really.

It’s all because of The Untamed. Like, I enjoy Chinese dramas, and particularly wuxia, xianxia, and other Chinese fantasy genres. Korean historical and fantasy dramas are also excellent! But The Untamed is in a special class for me.

Part of it is the MM aspect, not gonna lie. But more than that, I love the costuming. Not just the sumptuousness of it (Empresses in the Palace is a lovely example of absolutely gorgeous costuming) but that there are so many fantastic pieces of detailing put in there, with different clans having quite distinct looks and styles particular to them. On the first watch, I though it was all beautiful and wonderfully colour coded. On a re-watch, I’m really appreciating the distinct silhouettes the wardrobe department has put together. Even minor characters have tiny details worked into their costumes. And the leads have broad and varied wardrobes that reflect their personalities and values and clan affiliations.

Probably the best dressed of all the characters is Jiang Cheng, who sports some fabulous blue-and-purple ensembles that make my inner fashion nerd writhe with appreciation. But even characters like the Jiang Clan Sect leader, who appears at first glance very tastefully sedate in his wardrobe, is kitted out in beautifully detailed fabrics. (I’m a big fan of embroidery that’s the same colour as the base fabric. It lends an outfit gloriously subtle texture, giving a simple single-colour garment an extra zing.)

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend The Untamed (which is currently available via Netflix) for the beautiful actors, the incredible costumes, and the painful MM pining. (The special effects are…well, they probably needed that budget for the costumes, that’s all ‘m going to say).

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