New Book! Daddy Issues :)


  1. Carol Parrish says:

    Oh Robin! I’ve had an amazing time reading His Boy Next Door series. All 39 books. Love Jack and Channon. I want to read so so much more from you! And I truly enjoyed reading A Collar For His Brat. I was a little down after 6 books, there is so much more to Nate and Ewan. But then you said there would be more for them! Yes! Hope it’s soon. I’m on your mailing list, so hope to see something for them soon:) And anything else new.
    Meanwhile, I have several more of your books to start reading next. I find I really do like reading books about BDSN. And actually like reading about gay men in general. I didn’t know that about myself. But always knew I was open minded. And have a pretty excepting nature. So yea!

    • Robin says:

      Hi Carol! I’m so glad you’ve been having fun with the boys and MM fiction in general 🙂 I really need to get back to Jack and Channon, as well as Nate and Ewan. I miss them all. Nate and Ewan still have a journey ahead of them!

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