Quiz Time!

Quiz Time!

So, I’ve been having technical difficulties with the site, and I figure none of you are actually watching this unfold live, so instead of making this a competition, let’s make it a fun game.

I have fifteen questions about A Collar for His Brat, ranging from easy, all the way to impossible 🙂 Do your best! I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

The first five are EASY.

1. What country is Ewan from?
2. What’s the name of the company Nate and Ewan work for?
3. How old is Ewan at the start of A Collar for His Brat?
4. What is Nate’s cute pet name for Ewan?
5. Okay, but what is Nate’s OTHER pet name for Ewan?


6. So, what’s the nickname Ewan gives to Nate before he’s really met him?
7. What’s Nate’s favourite milkshake flavour?
8. How many sisters does Nate have?
9. Why is Ewan always so broke?
10. What does Ewan give Nate for Christmas?

These five are HARD or IMPOSSIBLE. Go for your life!

11. What year is Crash: A Collar for His Brat #1 set?
12. What does JNNS stand for?
13. What is Nate’s favourite song?
14. What is going to happen in A Collar for His Brat #5?
15. What colour is Channon’s hair?


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