the Bonded to the Alpha series

Werewolves and mate bonds. Some things just come down to fate.


Family is what you make it.


He never really had a chance.


A Bear and a Wolf? Impossible.

More Paranormal Romance

More wolves, and some witches too

Santa Rita Doms

BDSM serials and spin-offs, hot and spicy!


Because you haven't had enough Daddies and Doms yet.

Jam Packed

Boy wants a Daddy, and Daddy wants…

Sexy Space Stuff

Space! Hot aliens! Scarred up old mercs! All the classics.


Big purple alien boyfriend. Big.

Spicy Shorts

Short naughty stories under 10k words. Some of them are stand-alone, some are What If? alternate universe stories based on my other books. Enjoy 😀