Witches always come in threes. For the Mallory clan, those three are Artemis, Bella, and…well, Kevin.

Disappointingly normal, Kevin has spent his life in the shadow of his siblings, one brilliant, the other staggeringly powerful. But when the killing of a witch up on Cairn Hill coincides with the arrival of a handsome stranger in their sleepy home-town, Kevin finds himself going undercover to untangle the mystery behind the murder. He knows better than to get too close to a witch-killer, but as the connection between them deepens, Kevin can’t help falling under Peter’s spell.

Can Kevin keep his true nature secret? Or will he give it all to a man who can destroy him?

On the trail of a rogue witch, Peter never expected to meet anyone like Kevin Mallory. He can’t let himself be distracted by green eyes and strong hands; he has his duty, and his duty is everything. But as tensions wind them both to breaking point, Peter finds it harder and harder to resist what his every instinct tells him to do.

Will Peter deny temptation to do his duty? Or will he risk everything for the one thing he never knew he needed?

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