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The Fake Mate Job (Shifters & Grifters)

One protective alpha wolf in need of a mate. One human ex grifter down $50k. One weekend to pull this off, and then they’ll never see each other again.

Alpha wolf Kurt Larsen only wants a mate to show off at the Grand Council. Hunter Heke needs to get $50k across the country to pay off his brother’s dodgy debts. They’re both running out of time.

One accidental mate bond later, Kurt is determined to send Hunter on his way, but Hunter offers another solution: why not take that bond to the Grand Council and pretend they’re each other’s happily-ever-after? That couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?


Dominant men with a tender side? Passionate werewolves and their not-so-submissive mates? If you like your gay romance with a hint of kink or a splash of the paranormal, Robin Moray has something for you ❤

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