Santa Rita Doms is an expanded universe of kink-focused stories set in the fictional city of Santa Rita (not to be confused with any other cities of the same name). The main story surrounds a young man’s exploration of his sexuality under the tutelage of his older lover. It’s gay erotica morphing into romance with a high heat rating, and over the years it has spawned multiple parallel stories, and continues to grow. Some books are canonical

You don’t have to read them all to get what’s going on, but some will make more sense if you read them in the recommended order.

Works in the Santa Rita Doms series

Books in the Santa Rita Doms series

Alternate Universe

These works are not strictly canonical, in that they don’t form part of the actual narrative and will not be referred to in the main story. You don’t need to read them to follow the main story, and they might not make much sense on their own. They’re just for fun. Feel free to enjoy or ignore as you please.

  • Date Night (short single)
  • Wishful Thinking (short single)
  • Two Plus Two (flash fiction anthology)

Santa Rita Doms Recommended Reading Order