Eighteen-year-old Channon Beaumont is a virgin in every sense of the word, and vanilla as angel cake. But the moment he lays eyes on the dominant older man next-door, he knows he’ll do anything he’s ordered just for the chance to be with a man like that.

When he rented the house for the summer, billionaire entrepreneur Jonathan Nash never expected to find such a sweetly obedient youth in his backyard. Channon takes naturally to submission, so Jack decides to train his boy into the perfect submissive, willing to endure anything Jack demands of him and enjoying every second of it.

Channon finds himself sucked deep into a world of dominance and submission, pain and pleasure, and willing service to the only man he’s ever wanted to call Sir. And Jack? Just might accidentally fall in love.

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His Boy Next Door is an ongoing serial updating monthly(ish). Each episode has a little kink and a little plot, and explores the developing relationship between Channon and Jack, all the way from ‘Oh no; he’s hot!’ to the kind of ‘I love you’s that mean forever. The series is in an episodic format: seasons one and two contain twelve episodes each, and after that each season comprises six double-length episodes (by popular demand). We’re up to 36 episodes and counting. That’s something like 480,000 words or six full length novels! I know, I’m stunned too 🙂

You can buy the seasons as box sets or each episode individually as they come out. At the moment, they’re all available on Kindle Unlimited, but some day that may change.

The world of His Boy Next Door has generated several spin-offs: A Collar For His Brat is a parallel, intertwining story with many of the same characters. Chance or Fate and A Sub for Christmas feature side-characters from the main story. Million Dollar Daddy is thematically related, and occurs in the same city and timeline. A new serial is in the works, so stay tuned!

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