Bonded to the Alpha book 3

The first full moon for a bitten wolf is dangerous–for a bitten wolf away from their pack, even more so.

When born wolf Hamish MacAlister bites a human to save his life, the pack alpha orders Hamish to nurse the human through his first full moon. But Tommy Ortega is stubborn as a mule, reckless, irreverent, and–worst of all–unbearably hot. Hamish can think of only one way to ease him through the wild ride of his first full moon, and it involves pinning him to a bed. But is it just sex between them? Or is this connection deepening into something more, something he’s never been able to admit to himself that he wanted?

Exotic dancer Tommy Ortega has one rule–nobody owns him. Not a pack, not an alpha, and definitely not the gorgeously rugged wolf who bit him. Hamish can warm his bed all he likes–Tommy’s still not taking orders from him. But as his new wolf instincts take over, Tommy can’t help wondering what it would be like to let Hamish have him exactly the way he wants.

And when a sinister force tries to tear them apart, both wolves must choose their own fate, and claim it for themselves.

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the Bonded to the Alpha series

Werewolves and mate bonds. Some things just come down to fate.


Family is what you make it.


He never really had a chance.


A Bear and a Wolf? Impossible.