Some guys get all the luck, finding the perfect Dominant to their perfect submissive and settling into a blissfully happy ever after.But Tig isn’t one of them. He’s always the last to be picked, never someone’s first choice. Tig has just about given up on ever finding a kinky Dom who not only gets him but *wants* him, when he’s rescued from a disastrous encounter by Adam, the hottest dungeon monitor he’s ever seen. Adam’s everything he’s been looking for, funny, considerate, and downright sinful, but there’s just one problem. A six foot tall, leather-clad problem. Adam already has Max, who could snap Tig in half with his bare hands.

Tig knows better than to play with fire, but when Adam and Max invite him to stay with them for Christmas, he can’t help but say yes. Now all he has to do is keep his hands to himself, right? No matter how tempting it would be. He can’t mess this up, even if watching them together is breaking his heart.

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