Luca’s fashion/imagining characters

Luca’s fashion/imagining characters

So in A Kitten for Kinkmas (, Luca has a very specific style and wears this tank top (or one very like it). I had a lot of fun thinking about the way Luca dresses—I always take the time to work out every character’s personal style when I’m working on a book. It’s important for me to be able to picture them very clearly in my head so I can share them with you.

But I was talking to a reader the other day who told me that they always skim over those parts because they don’t like to imagine how the characters look. I was surprised, but I know some people have difficulty actually picturing descriptions from books.

How about you? Do you picture characters based on what the author tells you? Or do you make up your own version to imagine?(*coughcoughblondchannoncough*) Or do you not imagine them at all?

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