Hunting Party II sneak peek

Hunting Party II sneak peek

Hunting Party is out! It’s about to go up to full price, so if you want it cheap you’d better grab it.

Want a peek at part two? Warning, it could change a lot, it’s very ‘in beta’ right now 😁

Anyway, here’s how the next episode might start.

Potential excerpt from Chase (Willful Wolfmate #2) a.k.a the sequel to Hunting Party

In the end, Ryan elected not to do the walk (or hobble) of shame back through the function room where the mixer would still be in its death throes. Instead he took Patrick’s advice, ducking out through the side exit. He ended up in a car park surrounded by tall towers of red and pink geranium, and leaned against the edge of a planter to text his sister.

u done? meet me in carol st carpark

He ached, his body making it clear to him how it felt about being abused in the way it had, but Ryan couldn’t regret any of it. When he closed his eyes he could still feel the pressure of Patrick’s teeth on his lip.

God, Patrick. Now that the rush of it all had died down Ryan felt…he should be mortified. It was one thing to bang a stranger in the back room of a sleezy club, but to let someone like Patrick McDaniel do what Patrick had done—up against the bar of a hotel restaurant with dozens of people waiting for them downstairs—was beyond scandalous.

Lily was going to kill him. She was going to murder him, slowly, in pieces, and then scatter the pieces in the sea. Or eat them.

He tilted his head back, staring up at the dark sky, its stars crowded out by the city lights. He figured he should be remorseful, even guilty, and ashamed of himself. He wasn’t. He felt energised, everything sharp and crisp. The taste of salt on his lip, the brush of a breeze against his cheek, the low-down ache of Patrick (and the sharper one where Patrick had sunk his teeth into Ryan’s throat) all of it, everything, felt so much more. Even the traffic in the distance, muted by the throb of his blood, was strangely melodic.

Shifter-sex, he mused, was a good deal more intense than he’d imagined. He’d seen porn of it, the alpha throwing their subordinate to the floor and mounting them forcefully, but it had been like any other porn only with more snarling and biting. It failed to convey the depth of it, the complexity of being pinned and taken, of wanting to be pinned and taken, of needing it like fresh water in the desert.

And being needed in return. Ryan had got the feeling that Patrick had been equally needy. He had definitely been eager to put his hands on Ryan, to breathe in his scent, to have him. The gold flash of his eyes had been arousal, Ryan thought. Desire.

He couldn’t deny that being wanted by someone like Patrick McDaniel—handsome, masculine, confident, ridiculously wealthy, a wolf, an alpha—was intoxicating in itself. And he couldn’t deny that Patrick wanted him. Patrick had offered him basically anything he asked for the chance to see him again.

Which was, obviously, going to happen.

Ryan closed his eyes, remembering the press of Patrick’s hands on his flesh. He could definitely do that again.


It was Lily, bright-eyed and beautiful in the light spilling out of the hotel doorway. She took one look at him, obviously well-fucked as he was, and screwed up her face like a cabbage.

“Ryan! I can’t believe you!”

Because of course he couldn’t hide it from his twin. He just shrugged sheepishly, hoping she wouldn’t make too much of a scene, but she strode over and poked him viciously in the ribs.

“Aaron seemed so nice, I can’t believe you seduced him!”

“Hey! How do you know he didn’t seduce me?”

She fixed him with a look. “You’re incorruptible. It’s too late for you.”

Ryan grinned at her, because her ‘indignant face’ was one of his favourites. “Settle your tits, I didn’t touch him.” She arched an eyebrow at him, clearly unconvinced, so he took pity on her. “I met someone. And before you get mad at me, he asked me out again.”

“I don’t see how he had time to ask you out in the first place,” she snapped, still skeptical.

“We had supper. That counts.” Ryan bunted her with his shoulder. “Anyway, his name’s Patrick and apparently he’s some fancy alpha who basically wants to make all your dreams come true, so. Don’t be sour, I’ve got your back.”

Lily made a face. “On your back,” she muttered, but then she shook her head. “What happened to ‘I’m just here for the free food’?”

“Well, he did buy me supper.”


Robin Moray is a carbon based life-form from the planet earth, who likes reading, writing, and daydreaming about the day some awesome supernatural or extraterrestrial being suggests they run away together.

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