Luca’s Twitter madness

Luca’s Twitter madness

So I’m going to assume you’ve heard of A Kitten for Kinkmas by now 😀 (If not, oh look, here’s a link:

Anyway, one of the fun parts of this book was making the tweets from Luca that appear at the start of each chapter. I had to actually cut down on them, because there wasn’t enough space in the book for them all.

What did you think of them? Did they show up for you? Should I do things like this again? I always wanted to post Ewan’s ‘incomprehensibly Scottish tweets’* but I don’t dare to write them without getting an actual Scottish person involved 😀

*please understand that I do not find Scottish Twitter incomprehensible. It’s just Scottish. However, some of the characters in His Boy Next Door/A Collar for His Brat do not understand it, which is on them 😀

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