December 16th: Something for Christmas

December 16th: Something for Christmas

Oh, this one is seasonal. Ready?

Promo image of the cover of A Sub for Christmas displayed on a tablet against a background of purple glitter. The text reads: R.J. Moray's A SUB FOR CHRISTMAS! Get it free today only (Happy Holidays)

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I re-read this the other day and BOY is it filthy 😀 sometimes I forget how dirty these books can get.

But it’s also very sweet, and that’s Tig to a T: filthy but sweet. Max and Adam are lucky to find him! Because let’s be honest, they really are. As Ewan said in a previous snippet, Tig deserves someone who thinks he’s special. And they do 💜

Feature image: Original Photo by Sean Patrick from Pexels

Robin Moray is a carbon based life-form from the planet earth, who likes reading, writing, and daydreaming about the day some awesome supernatural or extraterrestrial being suggests they run away together.


  1. Anne Shure says:

    This is a definite re-read for me this month. I remember wondering if Tig would end up with Danny, but I think he’s perfect for Max and Adam…and I think throupledom works best for him anyway. After all, he was always trying to get with Channon and Jack or Ewan and Nate! : )

    • Robin says:

      Oh my god, he totally was! And he said he was done with being a couple’s plus one, but really…I think he protested too much.

      Max and Adam are lucky to have him. He’s perfect for them, too.

      Danny isn’t a bad choice for him, really. I think they could have worked out. But then Max and Adam and Theo would miss out 🙁 I don’t think they’d work together quite as well.

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